Young People and GMO’s

It is up to us to educate our children about food and what is healthy. Unfortunately, when people are teaching their kids about healthy eating they are likely leaving out a huge factor in the discussion and that’s GMO’s. I think this is primarily because a lot of adults either don’t know much about GMO’s or they have been taught the great lie that GMO’s are “great” and that they will “save the world”. We must fully educate ourselves in order to¬† give our kids the most reliable information so that they can make the most responsible food decisions in their present and in their future.

I saw a video recently about a young girl who did the research herself because she, living in the United Kingdom, didn’t really have much experience with GMO’s. GMO’s are allowed in the UK but the government has a restricted approach to them. This is unlike the United States where the view on GMO’s is the opposite and they are heavily pushed on people. GMO’s have sadly become the norm in the United States since the 90’s and organic foods are the ones people need to be convinced in spending the extra money for.

If you want your children to know more about GMO’s and why they aren’t a good health choice you should consider showing them the video below. I think seeing the perspective from another young person on such an important issue can be especially eye-opening.

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