Why are Peanut Allergies so Prevalent Today?

My oldest son started kindergarten this year. During his school orientation we were given a packet with a variety of information such as the code of conduct and a long, detailed letter about food. Yes, food. In the letter it was stated that we were not allowed to let our child bring any edible items on their birthdays or for any other special occasions. In addition, we were not allowed to pack anything in our child’s lunch that contained peanuts. Some parents seemed confused by this and asked why. It was explained to them that peanut allergies have become so prevalent amongst children and they can be deadly. If one child even touches a peanut and then touches another child who has an allergy to it, it could possibly kill the child with the allergy.

I remember being a child and eating my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches during lunch and bringing cupcakes to school when it was my birthday. I don’t even remember a single child having a peanut allergy growing up and this was just 20 years ago. I am sad my sons won’t be able to experience these simple pleasures I got to experience during my childhood. I am sad for the children that are burdened with these allergies. I am sad because all of this could have possibly been avoided.

The Thinking Moms’ Revolution go into detail about the peanut allergy epidemic here. It is definitely an insightful and eye-opening article.



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