What Ever Happened to Informed Consent?

The ability to make important decisions in regard to medical interventions is being taken from the American people. How can a person give consent or make an informed decision when valuable information is being withheld? For example, when it comes to vaccines, doctors are not giving people the long list of information contained in the pamphlets that come with vaccines. If doctors did, I am sure a lot more parents would be hesitant to vaccinate their children or at least have many more questions before they did.

Vaccines are just one issue when it comes to the medical community and how they inhibit a patients ability to make informed decisions. It has come to light that the information hospitals obtain from heel prick tests, given to newborns, to test for congenital disorders is not thrown away but kept in a database. Hospitals can actually give this information about you or your child freely to law enforcement and to private companies for research- without your consent. When are parents being told this information directly so they can opt out of this? They aren’t and so their ability to make an informed decision or to give consent is taken away. Sure, if you NOW know about this, you can opt out. However, for many people that don’t know what is going on, private information is being given away freely without their knowledge.

Bottom line, omission is a form of betrayal and we are being betrayed by the medical community. The government isn’t helping matters either as they have killed bills requiring informed consent.


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