The Importance of Vitamin D

I have suffered with PTSD for over 10 years. I went from doctor to doctor hoping that they would find a way to “cure” me of this disorder. It was extremely debilitating as I was always very anxious and depressed. After being prescribed so many different medications I was starting to feel like there was no hope left at every feeling like my old self. I missed being able to feel calm and truly happy especially without the use of some kind of medication. I finally saw a psychiatrist who suggested I get my blood drawn to see if I was deficient in any key vitamins or if something was wrong with my adrenal glands. If something is wrong with any of those it is likely that you will suffer with depression or anxiety. I was puzzled as to why no other doctor had suggested a blood test and then I figured well.. of course they wouldn’t check for a real underlying problem because if they cured me then I wouldn’t be a patient anymore and they wouldn’t get paid.

I went in to get my blood drawn and when the results came back I was happy to find out that my adrenal glands were okay.. PHEW! However, I was severely deficient in vitamin D and this was likely a significant contributing factor to my prolonged depression and anxiety. I was prescribed a high dose vitamin D supplement and lots of sunshine. After taking the vitamin D for just a week I slowly started to feel some relief. I didn’t feel as anxious or sad. Two months later and I felt back to my old self and this was without any other medications. Pure old vitamin D was able to do what no medication could do for me in over 10 years.

Here is an amazing article on the psychological consequences of vitamin D deficiency. I highly suggest asking your primary care doctor to run some blood work if you feel like you could be suffering from a vitamin deficiency. Something as small as that could seriously change your life.


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