Non-GMO Foods

If you are new to eating organic or are frustrated by the many misleading labels in the food isles you are not alone. When I first started eating organic I often purchased foods labeled as natural because I didn’t know the difference between all natural foods and organic foods. All natural foods may not contain preservatives or artificial ingredients but they still contain GMO’s, which are the real issue. GMO’s are toxic as they contain pesticides and herbicides. These toxins can cause an array of health issues such as autoimmune disorders, cancer, neurological damage, infertility, birth defects, and digestive issues.

As for organic foods, they do not contain pesticides, herbicides, GMO’s, growth hormones, dyes, synthetic additives, or artificial ingredients. Organic foods are simply the safer and healthier choice. When you are grocery shopping make sure you are choosing certified organic products. If there is something you like but isn’t certified organic, you can always choose Non-GMO Project verified foods. Below I am including a link to a list of 400 companies that are dedicated to producing organic and non-GMO foods. I hope it helps!

Organic and non-GMO companies


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