Milk Linked to Parkinson’s Disease

For those of you who don’t drink organic milk, this is a wake up call. Cows who produce conventional milk are being fed pesticides and are pumped full of hormones. Pesticides are in cow feed because they are sprayed with a pesticide such as Roundup, which consists of glyphosate. This pesticide is absorbed into the food, given to the cows to eat, their bodies retain it, and it passes through the milk and absorbed into their meat. This very milk and meat is then sold in grocery stores for us to consume and be poisoned by.

It is very much like women who breastfeed and eat conventional food. They eat food that has been treated with Roundup and the Roundup accumulates in their breastmilk and in their bodies. When their milk and urine were tested, high levels of the pesticide were found. We can assume then that if it’s excreted in our milk then it is obviously excreted in the milk of cows who eat food sprayed with the same pesticides. These pesticides-even at low levels- ARE LINKED to parkinson’s disease, other autoimmune disorders, asthma, reproductive issues, cancer, and neurological damage.

Now TIME comes out with an article that states:

While researchers speculated that chemicals found in cows’ milk might be responsible for parkinson’s disease, there was little evidence to detail how dairy products like milk and cheese might be affecting people’s risk of the disease.

Well… come on! It isn’t THAT hard to find peer-reviewed sources that discuss how pesticides are linked to and likely causes parkinson’s disease and how these pesticides get into our bodies! Beyond aggravating that they’re playing dumb on this.


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