Meditation Could Cut Healthcare Costs Dramatically

A new study out of Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)’s Institute for Technology Assessment and the Benson-Henry Institute (BHI) has concluded that practices such as yoga, meditation, and even prayer can cut the need for general healthcare by up to 50%. This is because doing such things can elicit a physiological state of deep rest or relaxation, reduce anxiety and stress, and lower heart rate and blood pressure.

“Our study’s primary finding is that programs that train patients to elicit the relaxation response — specifically those taught at the BHI — can also dramatically reduce health care utilization,” said James E. Stahl of the MGH.

“These programs promote wellness and, in our environment of constrained health care resources, could potentially ease the burden on our health delivery systems at minimal cost and at no real risk,” he added.

Read the peer-reviewed article here.

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