Medical Benefits of Cannabis and Cannabidiol (CBD)

In the U.S. pharmaceuticals are responsible for 106,000 deaths a year. Pharmaceutical companies knowingly commit fraud by illegally marketing drugs they know are dangerous, by paying doctors off to prescribe these drugs to their patients, and by manipulating medical research. However, they have the biggest political lobbying force in the U.S., which gives them an advantage. The financial penalties for their violations are nothing and are quite laughable in comparison to their profit load. The government isn’t stepping up to raise the penalty and put a dent into the pharmaceutical industries finances, making them definitely feel more accountable for their corrupt practices. Why? Money.

In terms of cannabis or cannabidiol (CBD), studies have proven over and over again that both have amazing medicinal properties. Why is something that is organic and can treat cancer, epilepsy, MS, PTSD, degenerative neurological disorders etc. illegal when pharmaceuticals are obviously more deadly? Since the 70’s cannabis has been labeled as a schedule 1 control substance and this is despite concrete, scientific evidence. President Nixon actually commissioned a report on the safety of cannabis. The Schafer Commission declared cannabis as safe and told President Nixon that it should not be labeled as a controlled substance. However, President Nixon ignored the recommendation by the Schafer Commission and Cannabis remains illegal to this day.

Many could benefit from the healing properties of cannabis and CBD. Luckily, people are waking up and voting to legalize it and are elected officials who stand behind the legalization of cannabis.

Not sure where you stand on the issue? Here are 5 facts you NEED to know about cannibidiol (CBD) and here are 23 health benefits of cannabis.

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