Insomnia has plagued me for as long as I can possibly remember. Instead of relaxing and winding down when I get into bed at night, my brain seems to want to work overtime. My brain eagerly wants me to think every thought I’ve ever had or should have had my entire life. My insomnia is chronic and debilitating.

I have been prescribed some pretty serious medications to help me sleep throughout the years, but they just ended up making me feel agitated and zombie-like the next day. It has never been worth the added hassle. I have also tried various relaxation techniques such as meditation, showers, calming music, exercise, and lavender essential oil. Herbal remedies also worked to a certain degree. However, nothing was powerful enough on the nights that for whatever reason were particularly hard to fall asleep.

I’m definitely not alone in this battle as 10% of Americans experience chronic insomnia. The main problem with me and with most people who are experiencing┬áchronic insomnia are the underlying issues that are likely causing the insomnia, which are simply not being dealt with. The brain can’t shut down because it knows there is unfinished business. It is trying to bring the thoughts we are suppressing to the surface so we can finally cope with what is truly bothering us. The insomnia will continue until we decide to take the final leap and deal with the things we are not allowing ourselves to deal with.

Alain de Botton has an interesting view on insomnia which correlates with my own views. However, he adds in a pretty simple and enlightening solution to the problem. Watch the video below to find out more.



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