How To Reverse Cavities

I have always taken pride in my teeth. I usually brush and floss at least three times a day. I was proud of the fact that I had never had a cavity or any other dental issue. However, since getting pregnant with my second child I started having terrible pain in a tooth on the left side of my mouth. I just ignored it because usually dentists will avoid doing procedures on pregnant women.

After having my son, I had other medical issues to worry about so even though my tooth hurt, I tried to ignore it. Recently, it broke in half and I cried like a child. Now I have to spend a ton of money to get a root canal and crown, which could have possibly been avoided.

The article above explains how to prevent cavities and actually reverse tooth decay. It would have been nice to know this information six months ago! If you are experiencing tooth decay, I hope this information helps you.


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