What is Healthcare Marketplace?

Healthcare Marketplace is our mobile app for iOS and Android devices. This app represents the beginning of our idea to create easily accessible, up-to-date, direct medical cost information to consumers and patients. Our app also integrates the GoodRx API to provide local prescription drug prices. Let’s face it, healthcare costs are only increasing, and we can no longer sit by and wait for someone else to fix them. Let’s create an information cascade in healthcare prices and create a better marketplace for consumers and providers.


Why are the prices so low?
Almost every doctor and hospital will provide considerable discounts on services if you ask for them. Many provide automatic discounts for direct pay clients which can be 50% – 75% or more. This is due to the way health insurance and medical billing currently works. There is an incentive to charge the maximum to insurance companies. Some doctors are actually friendly to the idea of publishing their cash prices, and that’s where our app comes in.

Why can’t I find the procedure I’m looking for?
We are working tirelessly behind the scenes to increase both our provider coverage and the number of procedures available in our database. Currently, there are over 2,800 procedures or search terms available.

Why can’t I find a doctor in my area?
Our database contains around 600 – 700 providers at this time. It’s been estimated that there are around 6,000 cash pay friendly practices in the US, so we realize there is a ways to go. Please discuss our app with anyone you know in the healthcare field. Our idea is currently new and unknown (as well as unwelcome) to many practitioners, but if you advocate for cash pay services, your doctor will listen.

Is this available outside the US?
Perhaps in the future. We are currently focused solely on the US market.

My question is not listed here?
Please contact us.

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