Facing the Unhealthy Truth

My son was born a healthy, “normal” baby. However, he became a very sick baby and then onto being a very sick toddler, which I will go into detail at some point soon. The doctors could not give us any real answers or ways to help him, they only gave us some suggestions to help alleviate what was wrong. I did not want to hear how to curb the side effects of his gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), eczema, and possible food allergies. I wanted to fix the problem that was the root cause of what was going on. I was a first time mom but it did not take even a second of listening to all of these doctors for my mom radar to go off. I thought to myself, “something is causing these health issues in my child”. My child was not born with these problems. It immediately became my goal to make sure I did everything in my power to heal him. I made sure my family ate organic and I did a ton of research on everything from vaccines to GMO’s. One day I stumbled across a very interesting TEDx Talk that I related to and I think it is a very good introduction to people who are just becoming familiar with GMO’s and living an organic lifestyle.

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