Emotional Health

Physical health is indeed very important but often times emotional health is overlooked when it is just as important. Without emotional health we can become depressed and our physical health can decline rapidly. It is important to take care of ourselves emotionally but often times life can throw some real hurdles in the way that can make it very hard to remain rational and sane, especially when these life hurdles involve those we really love.

Alain de Botton has been my favorite author for almost 20 years and he does an amazing job of writing about a variety philosophical and psychological issues revolving around emotional health and well-being. He often asks us important questions and gets down to the nitty gritty of the dilemmas we face in our daily lives. In addition, he helps give insight into not only how we perceive certain situations but how others (especially those we love) perceive the same situations so we can better understand ourselves and those around us.

Recently, I went through an insanely emotional and life-altering event. I found myself not eating, getting sick, and closing myself off from everyone I loved. I isolated myself because I felt so emotionally drained and incapable of giving anyone anything more that I had of myself- at least at that time. When I started to feel a little better I began reading again and watching Alain de Botton’s School of Life videos. I came across one video that really opened my eyes about why I repeatedly find myself in this same emotionally daunting situation. I realized how to probably avoid it in the future if I really wanted to keep my sanity and emotional health intact.


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