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For the last two weeks I have been very busy and insanely stressed out. I moved from Chicago, IL to Tampa, FL. The move came as a surprise. I had been planning to move to Florida for a while but I bumped the move way up because of some serious mold issues in our house that were causing my six year old to get VERY sick.

The morning of the actual move it was raining, the baby had a slight cold, and I had a ton of errands to run so I left the baby with my husband at the house to get some extra rest while the laborers loaded the truck. The company I hired sent two very young men to load the truck but I gave them the benefit of the doubt and told them to just be careful. When I got back from running errands the house was pretty much packed. I just had to do some extra cleaning to make sure the house was left in good shape and we were on the road!

I had the two boys as well as the two dogs in the car with me. Luckily, they were all amazingly well-behaved. My husband drove the moving truck with our other car towed to the back of it. I drove behind him and even though he is a good driver the weather wasn’t too good and people were being crazy on the roads, all of which made me feel uneasy and a bit anxious.

When we got to Orlando on Christmas day I was excited because I had reserved a nice hotel so we could relax a bit and enjoy watching the boys open their presents. However, the next day as we were trying to leave wasn’t as nice. Someone had blocked our moving truck in its parking spot. We waited patiently for about 20 minutes for the owner to come and move their car. Finally, a young man and his girlfriend came out to the car and started smoking and just chilling out inside the car. I asked my husband to go up to them and ask them if they could move their car so we could get our moving truck out. He went up to them and came back to me with a bewildered expression. He told me they refused to move their car. I started to feel my blood boil. The air conditioning in the car I was driving had stopped working and I had two young kids sitting in a somewhat hot car. I got out of my car and walked over to the young man. I asked him if he could please move his car and he told me, “NO”. I asked him why not and he replied, “I just came out here for a morning cigarette, I’m not in the mood to deal with this”. I explained to him that our truck was blocked in and I had two young kids in a hot car. His reply.. “Your kids aren’t my problem, lady”. I may or may not have said some choice words to this young man before my husband grabbed my hand and walked me back to my car. I drove the kids around so they could get some air. This young man just sat in his car smoking and staring at us for about an entire hour. I don’t understand why he did this but I was enraged. He finally left and we made our way to Tampa.

When we got to Tampa and the laborers started unloading our moving truck they came up to me with a sorry look on their faces. They explained that the laborers who loaded the truck just threw everything in and a lot of our possessions were now destroyed. Boxes labeled as FRAGILE had 50 pound boxes stacked on top of them and you could hear glass rattling inside them. A Persian rug my grandparents had given me from Iran had been crumbled up and shoved into a corner of the truck. Our coffee table had a hole through it, all of our beds had been disassembled and broken and half the pieces were missing, my sons dresser had a leg broken off of it, and our leather sofa had a huge gash down the back of it. I couldn’t breathe. I could feel the veins in my forehead throbbing. I took a deep breath to calm myself. I called the agency in Chicago that provided the laborers. I explained what happened, had the current laborers speak with the representative and tell her what they saw, and I took pictures of the damage and emailed them to her.

For the next couple of days I unpacked everything, saw some friends, took hot baths, watched funny movies, and went to the beach with my family. I did what I could to get myself back to a good place because the stress had really gotten to me. There were a few nights I had some major panic attacks. I kept thinking about everything involving the move and I realized I had to get out of that train of thought because it was literally wrecking havoc on my mind and body.

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23 Ways to Reduce Stress!

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