Can the EPA and USDA be Trusted?

Despite letters and calls from top agricultural scientists to doctors and environmental advocates across the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency continues to undermine the heeds of caution from these professionals, and do as it pleases. Last year the EPA approved Enlist Duo, which is a combination of 2, 4-D aka Agent Orange and glyphosate to be sprayed on crops and in August of this year the EPA approved the use of benzovindiflupyr, a fungicide, to be sprayed on crops. What is especially alarming about these approvals is that the proper testing was never conducted to see what harmful effects these pesticides could have on wildlife and on human health.

As for the USDA, it has been given the green light to go ahead and promote the use of both of these harmful pesticides on crops. These are the same crops that produce the fruits, vegetables, and cereals that people will buy in the grocery store and feed to their families. The USDA has been in recent trouble for withholding information. The Center for Food Safety is now suing the USDA for violating the Freedom of Information Act for not providing the information it has on the safety of GMO crops.


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