Are You Using Real Olive Oil?

Olive oil has many health benefits which is why it is a key component to cooking healthy meals. Olive oil is a heart healthy fat called a monounsaturated fat, which is proven to keep your arteries in good health. Olive oil has the ability to prevent strokes resulting from a clogged artery by up to 70%. Hormonal changes that occur as the result of pregnancy or menopause can cause osteoporosis. Oleuropein, a phenolic component of olive oil, fights osteoporosis and keeps bones healthy. Olive oil can regulate blood sugar levels and reduce insulin resistance, which makes it an even better diet choice than a low-fat diet for those worried about diabetes. Olive oil (in high doses) has also been linked to a lower risk of developing depression.

HOWEVER, olive oil can only positively impact your health if you are using the real thing. A sad reality is that a staggering 70% of olive oil sold in stores is not the real thing. There a few ways you can make sure the olive oil you purchase is pure.

  • Make sure it is labeled as 100% pure and organic.
  • You can get it from a local source, if you are lucky to have one.
  • Look for a seal of approval from The International Olive Oil Council.
  • Check for a harvested date on the bottle.
  • Make sure it is cold-pressed olive oil.

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