The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name.
— Confucius

Modern, civilized society was built on the basis of voluntary exchange as opposed to force, bureaucracy, coercion or privilege. There are those who would obscure that simple, self-evident fact by using words like “marketplace,” “insurance,” or “exchange,” to describe the configuration of healthcare products and services in America today. Some would go so far as to deem healthcare “affordable,” as if affordability was something conjured by magic from the tip of a pen.

Doctors are merchants purveying their services to their customers. Drugs are products targeted to consumers at a market-clearing price. Insurance involves pooling your resources with the community at large to mitigate against an unforeseen calamity. This is the reality of the situation, and reality is only kept at bay in the minds of the public from lack of information.

Healthcare is something which effects each one of us. We believe we can help build a better understanding of health care by improving the level of communication between merchants and their customers. Help us create an information cascade in healthcare costs outside the influence of big corporations and big government.


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